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Space Status

For Guests

Welcome to Pawprint Prototyping! We are a hackerspace whose mission is geared towards fostering the local hacker community and creative endeavors at large. A lot of us are also animals on the internet.

If you're visiting this page from the space switch open notification, you're welcome to stop by for a tour. A key member will be happy to show you around, show off some broad strokes of our various equipment, and maybe even show off some of the projects they and other members have been working on.

When you arrive, you'll first need to fill out a release of liability form - there are blank copies and clipboards near the door for your convenience. Since this is an active workshop, we recommend wearing close-toed shoes, and to be mindful of the tools and equipment that may be about.

If you are interested in using equipment during your stay, please ask a member to help you. Most of our larger equipment requires certification to be enjoyed safely, but hand tools are generally available for quick fixes.

Pawprint Prototyping is a registered California 501(c)3 non-profit, and relies totally on donations from members and viewers like you - we encourage anyone that finds the space enjoyable to leave a small donation via our PayPal donation portal.

Members enjoy 24/7 access to the space for $100/month. If you are interested in becoming a member, please get in touch with the board about a membership application via our Telegram group chat, or via our contact form.

Hope to see you soon!

For Members

So you've switched the space switch to "OPEN"

The space switch lets people know that our door is open, via a Telegram notification, a card on our website, and the SpaceDirectory API. By setting the space to "Open", you've carved out a few extra responsibilities for yourself (don't worry, it's easy):

  • You are hereby willing and responsible for receiving random guests without prior notice, and ensuring:
  • Guests complete a release of liability form (there's copies on the interior door).
  • Guests are provided with a quick tour of the facility,
  • You supervise any equipment use by guests.
  • And finally, making sure guests leave before you member lock up the space to depart.

If you are looking to depart and there is another key member present, please ask them if they are willing to take on these space switch duties. If not, change the space to closed and kindly usher guests out of the space before leaving.