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The woodworking tools of the blue cabinet

Tool Info

Certification Required

Do Not Hack

Owner: Pawprint Prototyping

Congratulations! You are now in charge of the woodworking tools in the blue cabinet!

This is a basic template with sections useful for most tools requiring a sign-off ("Red" tools). Use this as the basis for a new tool's wiki page.

It may be useful to link to the manufacturer's documentation, but these pages may also include any quirks and features of the tool, as it pertains to use in our hackerspace.


Describe some basic functionality of the tool in question. Looking for a quick abstract here, and maybe some call-outs about what might make this tool special over similar ones somone may have encountered in the past.

Safety and Certification

  • Specify what PPE is required to safely use this tool.
  • Which way does the pointy end go?



These tools might hurt you or others, take special care to call out what specific dangers the tools present.

Prohibited Operations

Pre-flight checklist

Operation checklist

Post-flight checklist

Certified Members

Member Name Certified By Date
Bobby Tables Bucko 2020-01-01


This section is often copied from the user's manual.

Tool History

Date Event