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Bridgeport Mill

Tool Info

Certification Required

Do Not Hack

Owner: Amp & Timber


This is a Bridgeport Series 1 2HP Manual Mill with a particularly smokey powerfeed & a 2J Head. It is not currently available for general use, but will be open for training soon

Safety and Certification

Protective Equipment

  • Safety glasses: Proper safety glasses are required at all times, for anyone within chip throwing distance
  • Ear protection: Not required, but can be loud
  • DO NOT WEAR GLOVES: They can get caught in the mill causing serious injury.


  • High-torque device: Keep hands, arms, and others away from moving parts.
  • Do NOT wear gloves during operation, as they can get caught in the mill
  • No dangly bits: Long sleeves, long hair, loose clothing and jewelry can easily get caught causing serious injury. Long hair must be tied up.
  • Sharp chips: Metal shavings are razor sharp and very hot. Use gloves when cleaning them up (but NOT while the mill is running)
  • Metal parts will likely be hot immediately after milling. Let them cool down.

Prohibited Operations

  • Modifying or hacking the mill and its accessories
  • Bypassing interlocks or safety features.
  • Leaving the mill breaker on and unlocked when not attended
  • Committing crimes
  • Changing any of the knobs or motor speeds while the machine is off

Pre-flight checklist

Check the auto oiler, and manual oiling instructions
Verify there is oil in the powerfeed

Operation checklist

Use Coolant, please

Post-flight checklist

Use the vaccum labeled 'for metal' to clean up. Do not use the wood vaccum. Lock up the toolbox and the breaker padlock when done

Certified Members

Member Name Certified By Date
Amp Pure Luck
Timber Rebuilding it
Bocuma Helping Out 4/3/2024
Kilte Helping Out 4/3/2024


Contact Amp or Timber The mill is trammed in. If you want to change it, be prepared to tram it back in

Tool History

Date Event
4/3/2024 Trammed In