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Do Not Hack

Owner: Pawprint Prototyping

Do you like pixels?!

If you plug the cables coming out of the TV into a compatible connector, you might get pixels. If you get pixels for four or more hours, call your doctor.


It's a PS-4200.

User guide:

RS-232 manual:

The TV's ID is #1, or 0x30 0x31 on the wire.

Safety and Certification

None. You may find it useful to have your eyeballs calibrated by a certified eyeball calibration technician before using this tool. The technician will not be able to calibrate your brain to interpret the pixels correctly, but may recommend third-party equipment to assist with perceiving the pixels correctly.



Warning, the pixels may display text which may or may not contain true statements.

Operation checklist

  • Plug in the power cord if it is not already plugged in. To avoid a tripping hazard, the extension cord on the floor may be unplugged and coiled up.

  • Turn on the power switch on the rear of the TV.

  • Use the remote control to power on the TV.


Use a soft cloth to dust.

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